The issue in pdf format: January – February (Vol 1-1)
1.   African Indaba – Your Newsletter from Africa by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Hunting in Klaserie, Timbavati, Umbabat and Balule
3.   WWF-SA in Discussion with Hunters by Gerhard R Damm
4.   News From Africa
5.   Facts: Tourist Spending in RSA
6.   Go For The Kill by Peter Flack
7.   African Chapter Company Associate-Donor Program
8.   An Opinion From IUCN
9.   FAQ – SCI African Chapter
10.   How our Funds are Spend
11.   African Chapter Membership Questionnaire
12.   SCI African Chapter Launches Environmental Resource Material for Schools
13.   Africa Geographic’s Ian Michler – an Anti-Hunter? By Gerhard R Damm
14.   New SCI African Chapter Honorary Life Members
15.   The Death of a Dream – One Zimbabwean Farmer’s Story by Larry Norton
16.   SCI African Chapter and other Hunting Associations in Africa
17.   Economic Analysis of Commercial Consumptive Use of Wildlife in Botswana
18.   WWF-SA Position on Sustainable Use
19.   WWF-SA Position on Animal Rights
20.   Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC)

The issue in pdf format: March – April (Vol 1-2)
1.   Editorial by Gerhard R Damm
2.   CITES – A Partial Victory?
3.   News From Africa
4.   Jan Oelofse is the Terra Nova Award Winner 2002
5.   Botswana’s Elephant Problem
6.   South African Game Auction Prices 2001 & 2002
7.   AGRED Auction 2003
8.   Hunters and the Media by Gerhard R Damm
9.   Lämmergeier Alert (Endangered Wildlife Trust)
10.   African Wild Dogs by Keri Harvey, WWF-SA
11.   New Protected Areas Bill
12.   Success for Namibia’s Torra Conservancy
13.   Elephants cause vegetation loss in Botswana
14.   SCI Trophy Records Update
15.   The World Conservation Trust (IWCM
16.   Poaching in Zimbabwe
17.   Reader Letters
18.   SCI Reno Auctions 2003
19.   Safari Hunting of Lion by Gerhard R Damm

The issue in pdf format: May – June (Vol 1-3)
1.   Reflections about Fair Chase by Gerhard R Damm
2.   News from Africa
3.   Conservation Force – An ally for African Hunters
4.   Measuring large African predators by HO de Waal
5.   South African Firearms Control Act
6.   Kenya elephant dilemma by IWMC
7.   Shooting Sports in SA Schools by SAGA
8.   Cullman & Hurt Community Wildlife Project
9.   News from IWA & Outdoor Classics 2003
10.   African Chapter News
11.   Tanzania Update
12.   A new game plan for wildlife conservation by Dr Imre Loefler
13.   Wildlife and Humans in Conflict
14.   Saving elephants results in exploding populations by David L Michelmore
15.   WESSA on hunting in the Klaserie, Timbavati, Umbabat and Balule reserves
16.   PHASA puts pressure on canned lion shooters
17.   Controversy in Kenya by Gerhard R Damm

The issue in pdf format: July – August (Vol 1-4)
1.   African wildlife can survive without hunting – but not without money by Dr Rolf D Baldus
2.   Wildlife – A factor to strengthen SADC
3.   Young people – the biggest lobby group for sustainable use – says CIC
4.   Culling elephant in Botswana by Gerhard R Damm
5.   PHASA Conservation Fund (PHASA)
6.   Semi automatic shotguns
7.   Tannin poisoning of game animals
8.   Game ranch profitability in South Africa – Review of the ABSA Study by Gerhard R Damm
9.   AWF carnivore project launched in Botswana
10.   How do Geckos stick to the wall
11.   Africa’s most endangered duiker lives in Zanzibar by Dr Rolf D Baldus
12.   News from Africa
13.   Northern Cape moves ahead with a bold step
14.   WCS uses food security to conserve Zambia’s wildlife (Wildlife Conservation Society)
15.   Shady deals in Zimbabwean hunting concession allocations
16.   Chaos in the Kenya Wildlife Service by Hubert Waeller
17.   Events
18.   African Chapter Special Meeting

The issue in pdf format: September – October (Vol 1-5)
1.   Editor’s Column by Gerhard R Damm
2.   WWF on poaching in Zimbabwe
3.   Can current trends in the game industry be reconciled with nature conservation? By Dr Kaas Hamman
4.   Black Wildebeest hybridization workshop report (Conservation Breeding Specialist Group)
5.   Humans and wildlife in conflict
6.   Conservation Value of Tourist Safari Hunting (Conservation Force)
7.   Game meat and the South African consumer by Dr Louw Hoffmann
8.   The African Indaba book shelf
9.   News from Africa
10.   Tourism and game meat – An opportunity we cannot afford to miss by Dr Louw Hoffman
11.   Boost for the Black Rhino in South Africa
12.   Elephant Culling – More food for thought by Gerhard R Damm

The issue in pdf format: November – December (Vol 1-6)
1.   Another debate – this time the African Lion by Gerhard Damm
2.   The status of black and white rhinoceros on private land in South Africa by Dr Anthony Hall-Martin & Dr Guy Castley
3.   The Friedkin Conservation Fund – Making a difference in Tanzania by Craig Doria
4.   A view from the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation  by Dieter Schramm
5.   Strange Lions
6.   IUCN Species Survival Commission and its specialist groups
7.   News from Africa
8.   Criteria and indicators of sustainable hunting
9.   African Indaba Bookshelf
10.   African Indaba – The way forward by Gerhard R Damm
11.   Sustainable Hunting at the WPC in Durban
12.   Namibia – Philosophy on hunting and wildlife by Kai Uwe Denker
13.   Did you know … ?
14.  Operation Black Ghost – The Quest for the last West African Black Rhino by Campbell Scott
15.   Lion conservation and lion hunting by Ron Thomson
16.   African Lion – What the hunter can do by Gerhard Damm