The issue in pdf format: January – February (Vol 2-1)
1.   Editorial by Gerhard R Damm
2.   African Wildlife: Must it be subsidized? by Dr Rolf D Baldus
3.   Wildlife as a natural resource (IGF)
4.   Africa’s contribution to convention auctions by Gerhard R Damm
5.   Namibian Ministry defends hunter
6.   News from Africa
7.   A reply to an anti-hunter by Gerhard R Damm
8.   Lion charge video
9.   USF&W Draft Policy – Endangered Species Act
10.   AWF in DR Congo (AWF)
11.   Selous Conservation Program (GTZ)

The issue in pdf format: March – April (Vol 2-2)
1.   Editor’s Comments by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Tourism & development: the win-win performance – Press Release CIC
3.   IUCN welcomes adoption of sustainable use principles
4.   News from Africa
5.   Bongo return to Kenya
6.   Botswana has an elephant problem
7.   Firearms Control Act South Africa – Media Statement SAPS
8.   International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC)
9.   IUCN Red List of threatened species and hunting by Gerhard R Damm
10.   Kenya’s Wildlife Service at crossroads by Gerhard R Damm
11.   Sleeping Sickness
12.   Game Sales in South Africa 2003
13.   Lion Research Projects in Africa
14.   Laikipia shows the way for Kenya by Gerhard R Damm
15.   Sustainable Lion Hunting by Gerhard R Damm
16.   National Parks in Crisis – A Book Review by John Davison

The issue in pdf format: May – June (Vol 2-3)
1.   Hunting Behind High Fences by Gerhard R Damm
2.   The Large African Predator Project – Progress & Guidelines To Participants by Prof HO de Waal
3.   News From Africa
4.   Managing African Elephant Populations: Act or Let Die?
5.   The Peter Hathaway Capstick Hunting Heritage Award – Press Release Dallas Safari Club
6.   SCI Board Passes Policy On Fenced Wildlife Operations – Press Release SCI
7.   Certification on Game Reserves And Game Ranches by Pieter Odendaal
8.   EMOA Elephant Symposium 2004 – Press Release EMOA
9.   Botswana 2004 – A Review by Debbie Peake
10.   The Zanzibar Duiker: On The Road To Recovery Or To Extinction? By Dr Rolf D Baldus
11.   People, Wildlife and Hunting: Emerging Conservation Paradigms
12.   Introducing “Africa’s Bowhunter” – Magazine Review by Gerhard R Damm
13.   Safaris, Maneaters & Poachers – Book Review by Dr Rolf D Baldus
14.   African Lion Research Projects
15.   Ivory Issue: Kenya’s Problems Could Be Solved by Eugene Lapointe
16.   Elephant Populations Increasing In Zambezi Heartland (AWF)
17.   AWF Donates Equipment to ZAWA
18.   Southern African Ivory Sale by Gerhard R Damm
19.   Announcements

The issue in pdf format: July – August (Vol 2-4)
1.   African Lion – Dr Rolf D Baldus Interviews Prof Craig Packer
2.   Tanzania: Lion Conservation and Human-Lion Conflicts by Dr Rolf D Baldus
3.   Hunting Creates Financial Benefits in Zambia
4.   Sustainable Use in Burkina Faso
5.   National Association of Conservancies of South Africa
6.   Rifa – Unique Zimbabwe Wildlife Education Experience by Leslee Maasdorp
7.   Proposals for Consideration at CITES 2004
8.   News from Africa
9.   Uganda & Sustainable Use
10.   International Foundation for the Conservation of Wildlife (IGF)
11.   The People and Predators Project Tanzania by Laly Lichtenfeld
12.   Irregularities on Zimbabwe’s Hunting Scene
13.   Traditional Hunting – Denmark and Malawi Partnership by John D Balarin
14.   African Lion Research Projects
15.   IUCN African Antelope Database Project by Werner Eiselen
16.   Ezemvelo Auction Results
17.   MegaTransect II – Africa From the Air
18.   Connecting the World’s Largest Elephant Ranges:  Results of the Selous – Niassa Wildlife Corridor Research by Dr Rolf D Baldus & Rudolf Hahn
19.   Ngome Community Reserve

The issue in pdf format: September – October (Vol 2-5)
1.   Editor’s Comments by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Lion Specialists Reject Kenya Proposal
3.   Dr Craig Packer’s Response to Kenya’s Lion Proposal
4.   The Geographical Distribution of Roosevelt Sable in East Africa by Dr Rolf D Baldus
5.   Past Nuclear Tests Could Unlock Africa Ivory Sales
6.   [Kenya]: The Rhetoric And The Reality by Dr Imre Loefler
7.   Recovery For Africa’s Threatened Rhinos (WWF)
8.   News From Africa
9.   NAPHA Starts New Education Initiative
10.   Special Premiere of “In The Blood”
11.   Peter Pichler Dies in Tragic Accident in Sudan by Gerhard R Damm
12.   Safari Operator Named In Bribery Report In Zimbabwe
13.   Dutch-South African Initiative for African Game Parks
14.   CAR Anti Poaching Efforts
15.   CITES Provisional Assessment For Kenya’s Lion Proposal At CoP 13
16.   Facts About Feline Immunodeficiency Virus FIV (IUCN Cat Specialist Group)
17.   A Hunting Website We Liked by Dr Petri Viljoen
18.   European Commission: 2nd NGO Hearing on Lion Trophy Hunting by Manuel Esparrago
19.   Tourist Hunting And It’s Role In Tanzania by Dr Rolf D Baldus & Andrew Cauldwell
20.   West and Central African Lion Network

The issue in pdf format: November – December (Vol 2-6)
1.   Editor’s Comments by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Botswana’s Elephants (Synopsis) by Patrick van Rensburgh
3.   Black Rhino Challenges by Gerhard R Damm
4.   News From Africa
5.   Managing Africa’s Elephant Populations: Act Or Let Die
6.   Sustainable Use Specialist Group (SUSG)
7.   Papers From the 6th Wildlife Symposium in Paris (IGF)
8.   Fundira and “Out Of Africa” Not Off The Hook
9.   Scientists Herald Malaria Breakthrough
10.   Valuing the Big 5 in Africa by Rael Loon
11.   Will Kenya Learn From Its Southern Neighbors
12.   Indaba Mombasa Recommendations For Kenya
13.   Open Letter Of Craig Packer To CITES Delegates
14.   Hunting Operations In The Buffer Zone Of The Niassa Reserve by Sociedade para a Gestão e Desenvolvimento da Reserva do Niassa
15.   A New NRA Initiative
16.   National Geographic Germany Apologizes For Tanzania Article
17.   Hefty Fine For Illegal Rhino Hunt
18.   Highlights From CITES CoP 13

Game Sales Statistics South Africa 2003