The issue in pdf format: January – February (Vol 3-1)
1.   No Progress in Kenya – Guest Editorial by Ian Parker
2.   Valli Moosa of South Africa Elected IUCN President
3.   Van Schalkwyk Urges Professional Hunters to Become Allies in Conservation – Press Release DEAT
4.   USAID: CBNRM in Namibia
5.   Hunters at the 3rd IUCN World Congress in Bangkok by Gerhard R Damm
6.   Elephant Management & Owners Association Statement on Darting (EMOA)
7.   IUCN Accepts Role of Recreational Hunting in Wildlife Conservation – Press Release CIC
8.   News from Africa
9.   Incentive-Based Conservation: Moving Forward by Changing the Thinking by Robert Kenward
10.   Harry Tennison Honored With Capstick Hunting Award – Press Release Dallas Safari Club
11.   Namibian Conservancies Receive Funds
12.   African Elephant Genetics: Request for Samples by A. Roca, N. Georgiadis & S. O’Brien
13.   Namibian Trophy Hunting Concessions on State Land – Press Release MET
14.   Saliem Fakir & IUCN-SA by Gerhard R Damm
15.   Fiona Capstick’s “The Diana Files – The Huntress, Traveler through History” reviewed by Pierre van der Walt
16.   The Bushveld – Essay by Eddie Cross

The issue in pdf format: March – April (Vol 3-2)
1.   Guest Editorial by John J Jackson III – Lion Workshops and Symposiums
2.   Namibian Minister Opens NAPHA Convention
3.   Letters to the Editor
4.   Ian Parker’s new book – Reviewed by G R Damm
5.   Crocodile Hunting: Ethiopia
6.   Progress in the Central African Republic
7.   South African Draft Legislation: Large Predators
8.   Hunting for Conservation in Cameroon
9.   East African Wildlife Society
10.  Tupa Nyuma Hunting by Ian Parker
11.  News from Africa
12.  Africa’s Contribution to Convention Auctions
13.   NAPHA Annual General Meeting
14.   SCI African Chapter Dies
15.   Game Sales Statistics South Africa 2004
16.   Death of a Species
17.   IUCN Antelope SSG Antelope Survey Update

The issue in pdf format: May – June (Vol 3-3)
1.   Editorial by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Introducing a Debate on the Reform of Safari Hunting by Dr Rolf D Baldus & Andrew Cauldwell
3.   Botswana Holds First National Lion Workshop by Dr Paul Funston
4.   Tourist Hunting: How Tanzania can benefit from SADC Best Practices by Simon Milledge
5.   Savannas Forever: A Certification Program for Lion Trophy Hunting by Dr Craig Packer
6.   African Lion Workshops by Gerhard R Damm
7.   Circus Lions from Brazil by Fiona McLeod
8.   Large Predator Hunting & Hunting in KNP Buffer Zones by Gerhard R Damm
9.   Our Search for the Giant Sable 1997 to 2004 by Brendan W J O’Keeffe
10.   Safari Hunting Certification by Dr Rolf D Baldus & Andrew Cauldwell
11.   News from Africa
12.   Ethiopia – A Hunter’s Perspective by Peter Flack
13.   Professional Hunters for a Changing Africa – Dr Terry Cacek book reviewed by Gerhard R Damm
14.   Goals and Objectives of African Parks (African Parks)
15.   CIC Literary Price for Fiona Capstick – CIC Press Release
16.   American Booking Agent Caught Red-handed
17.   Community in Tanzania to Harvest Problem Crocodiles by Dr. Rolf D Baldus
18.   Economic Empowerment Act in South Africa by Gerhard R Damm

The issue in pdf format: July – August (Vol 3-4)
1.   Hunting in South Africa: Facts, Risks, Opportunities (Part 1) by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Thoughts on Certification by Ian Parker
3.   Hunting in Namibia 2004: A Summary by Gerhard R Damm
4.   Lessons From Zimbabwe by Dr Terry Cacek
5.   Hunting, Sustainability, and Property Rights in East and Southern Africa by Fred Nelson, Mike Jones, and Andrew Williams
6.   Tanzania: Reduce the Quotas or Reform? By Andrew Cauldwell
7.   Tanzania: Hunting Concession Allocated to Abu Dhabis by Sariah Kaaya
8.   The Professional Hunting Industry in South Africa: History and Future by Stewart Dorrington
9.   A Strategy To Secure The Right To Hunt by Ludolph Swanevelder
10.   Tanzania: Game Scouts Shoot Hundredpounder by Dr Rolf D Baldus
11.   African Indaba Congratulates Brian Nicholson by Dr. Rolf D Baldus

The issue in pdf format: September – October (Vol 3-5)
1.   Editorial by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Hunting in South Africa: Facts, Risks, Opportunities (Part 2) by Gerhard R Damm
3.   What Sustainable Use Is, And What It Is Not by Dr Jon Hutton
4.   Swayne’s Hartebeest in Ethiopia by Befekadu Refera
5.   The Addra and Mhorr Gazelles By Dr Edward Spevak
6.   Center For Sahelo-Saharan Wildlife Recovery
7.   Thoughts on Certification by Dr Graham Child
8.   Further Thoughts On Certification: The Potential For Deregulation by Dr Jonathan Moss
9.   True Game Ranching by Cleve Cheney
10.   Managing Elephant Populations: The Perpetual Indaba by Dr Marion Garai
11.   October EMOA Workshop
12.   Lion Demography and Abundance in the KNP by Dr Paul Funston
13.   Tables: Hunting in South Africa: Facts Risks, Opportunities

The issue in pdf format: November – December (Vol 3-6)
1.   Editor’s Notes by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Conservation Force Hit by Katrina: Request for Help by Gerhard R Damm
3.   Botswana: Trophy Quality Monitoring for Lion by Gerhard R Damm
4.   Promote Sport Hunting in Northern Kenya
5.   News From Africa
6.   We (Almost) Buy a Canned Cheetah by Fiona McLeod
7.   Exchange of Conservation Tips Benefit African Nations by Emmanuel Koro
8.   Africa – Whatever You Thought, Think Again
9.   Sustainable Use in Conservation by Dr James G Teer
10.   Sable Antelope Subspecies by Dr Rolf D Baldus
11.   Tshwane University Department of Nature Conservation
12.   The Eternal Discussion: Tipping on Safari by Gerhard R Damm
13.   Valli Moosa in Oxford
14.   APHA Letter to Africa Geographic’s Peter Borchert
15.   First African Lion Workshops Successful by John J Jackson III
16.   Silent Spring by Eddie Cross
17.   The Chinese Tiger Project:: An International Effort to Safe an Endangered Subspecies by Dr Petri Viljoen
18.   Avian Malaria in African Penguins by Engela Duvenhage

Game Sales Statistics South Africa 2004