The issue in pdf format: January – February (Vol 4-1)
1.   Editor’s Comments by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Hunting in Tanzania by Peter Flack
3.   Tanzania Development Partners Group (DPG)
4.   Boone and Crockett Club Statement: Ethical Hunting Versus Unethical Shooting
5.   The Cat Conservation Trust and the Black Footed Cat by Richard & Marion Holmes
6.   News from Africa
7.   CMS and CIC Join Hands for Conservation of Migrating Species – Press Release CIC
8.   What the Kidunda Dam Will Destroy by Dr Rolf D Baldus
9.   Indigenous Trees for Life in South Africa
10.   Bibliography on the Selous Game Reserve by Dr Rolf D Baldus
11.   NAPHA Appeals for Hunting Concessions (NAPHA)
12.   African Elephants: How to Die? By Jacques Berney
13.   A Perfect Paradise Lost: Gough Island by
14.   CIC: Core Competence for Sustainable Use Options (CIC)
15.   EMOA Elephant Symposium (EMOA)
16.   IPHA: International Professional Hunters’ Association
17.   New Book About Wildlife, Livestock and Human Health
18.   AGRED’s Gamebirds of South Africa by reviewed Gerhard R Damm
19.   Major Conservation NGOs: Action Needed in Managing Elephant Numbers (Press Release)
20.   South Africa No 1 at SCI’s 2006 Convention Auction by Gerhard R Damm
21.   Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris

The issue in pdf format: March – April (Vol 4-2)
1.   African Lion Workshops by John J Jackson III
2.   Hunting in National Parks by Ludolph Swanefelder
3.   Canned Lion on eBay by Gerhard R Damm
4.   Management of Elephants in Southern Africa (GRAA)
5.   The Precautionary Principle: Mysteries Unraveled by Prof Grahame Webb
6.   Proceedings of the 6th International Wildlife Ranching Symposium (IGF)
7.   News from Africa
8.   Conservation Hunting: People and Wildlife in Canada’s North – reviewed by Gerhard R. Damm
9.   Limpopo National Park
10.   Tackling the Ethical Component in the Hunting Debate: A “Snapper’s” Perspective by Rael Loon
11.   Wildlife Management by Gerhard R Damm
12.   Tourist Hunting in Tanzania: Issues Behind the Issues by Alan Rodgers
13.   Bertrand des Clers Receives DSC Capstick Award by Stephen Stainkamp
14.   What is Conservation Biology?
15.   Okapi Wildlife Reserve
16.   Okapi (Okapia johnstoni)
17.   Symposium on Recreational Hunting (SUSG & ZSL)
18.   Kenya’s Wildlife Policy Review by Dr Ali Kaka
19.   Southern & East African Elephant Populations: Substantial Increases
20.   The Extinct Blue Antelope by Richard G Klein
21.   What Do You Know About Conservation Hunting?
22.   Savannas Forever: Hunting Certification by Dr Craig Packer

The issue in pdf format: May – June (Vol 4-3)
1.   From the Editor’s Desk by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Hunting in Protected Areas by Cleve Cheney
3.   Position on Hunting in South Africa’s Protected Areas (Statement by Game Rangers’ Association of Africa GRAA)
4.   News from Africa
5.   PHASA Presence at Major US Hunting Shows (PHASA)
6.   Dieter Ochsenbein Receives SCI McElroy Award by Gerhard R Damm
7.   Rebuilding the Wildlife Sector in Zimbabwe (Part 1) by Dr Rolf D Baldus and Dr Graham Child
8.   Pierre van der Walt’s International Big Bore Cartridge Load Data Collection reviewed by Kenneth Richardson
9.   Achim Steiner Nominated New UNEP Chief
10.   Nguni Cattle on a Game Farm by Gary van den Berg
11.   Kenya: The Example Not to Follow by Ian Parker
12.   Hunting Benefits Biodiversity: Dr Rolf D Baldus Interviews Prof. Tim Caro
13.   The Legally Structured Role of Hunting in The US and Abroad by John J Jackson, III
14.   Falconry, a South African Heritage in the Making by Dr A P F Lombard
15.   Namaqua Sandgrouse: A Proposal to Conserve the Unpredictable by Dr Aldo Berruti
16.   Development of Game Prices in South Africa by Gerhard R Damm

The issue in pdf format: July – August (Vol 4-4)
1.   South Africa – Quo Vadis? By Gerhard Damm
2.   Hunting and Wildlife Industry Expresses Concern over Proposed Threatened and Protected Species Regulations (Media Release HAWASA)
3.   SCI Hunter Legacy Fund Promotes Progress for Kenya
4.   Southern Ground Hornbill by L P van Essen
5.   SCI Releases Standards for Hunting behind High Fences (SCI)
6.   Rebuilding the Wildlife Sector in Zimbabwe (Part 2) by Dr Rolf Baldus & Dr Graham Child
7.   CIC gets Tough on “Artificial Trophies” (CIC)
8.   Danger for Tanzanian Rhinos by Dr Rolf Baldus
9.   Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Auction 2006 by Gerhard  Damm
10.   Making Wildlife Work for Tanzania’s Communities by Charles Nzo Mmbaga
11.   News from Africa
12.   Hunting and Conservation: An Effective Tool or a Contradiction in Terms? By Dr Peter A. Lindsey
13.   Lord Derby Eland in Guinea and Mali
14.   The Grey-Wing Partridge in the Eastern Cape: Are They Declining and Why? By Dr Aldo Berruti
15.   CIC Edmond Blanc Award 2006 for Sango Game Ranch by Gerhard Damm
16.   Our Shared Kingdom at Risk: Human-Lion Relationships in the 21st Century by Dr Laly Lichtenfeld
17.   Bwabwata Hunting Concessions in Namibia Welcome Hunters by Gerhard Damm

The issue in pdf format: September – October (Vol 4-5)
1.   Hunters and Conservationists are Natural Partners by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Rebuilding the Wildlife Sector in Zimbabwe (Part 3) by Dr Rolf D Baldus and Dr Graham Child
3.   Mozambique Elephant Trophy Import Permit Applications Denied for US-Hunters by John J Jackson, III
4.   Book Review: Kai Uwe Denker’s “Along the Hunter’s Path” by Don Causey
5.   News from Africa
6.   PHASA Disciplinary Actions
7.   The Shooting of Captive Bred Lion – PHASA Policy Statement
8.   Hyaena: Scavenger of Predator? The Human Influence on Hyaena and Lion by Steve Pope
9.   Reclaiming Land For Wildlife by Stewart Dorrington
10.   Population Estimates for Mountain Nyala on the Rise by Paul Evangelista
11.   Recreational Hunting Symposium in London

The issue in pdf format: November – December (Vol 4-6)
1.   Scientists and Hunters Meet in London by Gerhard Damm
2.   “Nature & Faune” – A New Online Magazine
3.   News About Angola’s Giant Sable – Gerhard Damm interviews Pedro vaz Pinto
4.   Guidelines on Sustainable Hunting in Europe by Gerhard Damm
5.   “Mews News” The Magazine of the South African Falconry Association
6.   A Letter From Harvard by C Wallace de Wit
7.   News From TRAFFIC
8.   Obituary: Andries Marthinus (Clem) Coetzee by Vernon Booth
9.   A New Wildlife Management Magazine
10.   Results and Conclusions of the Selous Conservation Programme 1987-2003 by Dr Rolf Baldus
11.   Old, Bold and Big by Gordon Ferguson
12.   Book Review: “Conservation: Linking Ecology, Economics and Culture” reviewed by David Himmelfarb
13.   News From Africa
14.   CITES Puts Southern African Ivory Sales on Hold
15.   Obituary: Baron Bertrand des Clers by John J Jackson