The issue in pdf format: January – February (Vol 5-1)
1.   Conservation, Wildlife and Markets – Guest Editorial by Dr Stephanie S. Romañach
2.   Kenyans Discuss Their Wildlife Policy
3.   Happy Birthday Selous! Africa’s Oldest Protected Area Celebrates 110 years by Dr Rolf Baldus
4.   Peter Flack Receives Musgrave Award by Gerhard R Damm
5.   Freestate Sells Black Wildebeest Hybrids by Gerhard R Damm
6.   Caesarean Section on Aardwolf by Ronel Openshaw
7.   Hotel Development Threatens Mosi-Oa-Tunya NP by Gerhard R Damm
8.   Oil Drilling to Start in the Selous GR by Dr Rolf Baldus
9.   News From Africa
10.   The Kipunji Monkey (Rungwecebus kipunji)
11.   Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game Move Ahead by Richard Flack
12.   Keep NGO’s out of [Kenya’s] New Wildlife Policy Talks by Dr Imre Loefler
13.   “Flack Hunts South Africa” Peter Flack’s Documentary DVD reviewed by Gerhard R Damm
14.   WWF on “Hunting for Conservation”
15.   2006 PHASA Convention by Gerhard R Damm
16.   The PHASA AGM from a Conservationist’s Perspective by Peter A Lindsey
17.   NAPHA’s 2006 AGM by Jofie Lamprecht Jr.
18.   NAPHA Trains Hunting Assistants and Camp Attendants by Martina Lamprecht
19.   Successful Year 2006 for Conservation Force by John J Jackson III

The issue in pdf format: March – April (Vol 5-2)
1.   Moving Ahead by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Hunting in South Africa: The New Regulations by Stewart Dorrington, PHASA – PHASA Gala Dinner & Auction
3.   South Africa Gets Tough on Canned Shooting – DEAT Media Release
4.   What is the Difference Between Queleas and Elephants?
5.   Draft Norms & Standards for Elephant Management
6.   PHASA Facilitates Fire Arms Import for Hunters
7.   Voices of American Hunters – A Hunter’s Heart
8.   Zambia Lobbies US Over Elephant Trophy Hunting
9.   News From Africa
10.   Dallas Safari Club Announces New Convention Policy
11.   Hunting in National Parks in the USA
12.   Why We Need To Know More About Ageing And Sexing Game Birds by Dr Aldo Berruti
13.   CIC Trophy Meeting by Gerhard R Damm – CIC General Assembly in Belgrade/Serbia
14.   Zambia’s Lion in the Spotlight by Dr Paula White
15.   A Profile of the Mountain Nyala (Tragelaphus buxtoni) by Dr. Paul Evangelista et al
16.   CHASA Statement: New SA Hunting Regulations by Ludolph Swanevelder
17.   The Arabian Oryx (Oryx leucoryx) by Gerhard R Damm
18.   Hippos in Virunga NP face Extirpation by R. Lewison

The issue in pdf format: May – June (Vol 5-3)
1.   Trophy Hunting: How I see it! by Dieter Schramm, President International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation
2.   Big Game Trophies: The CIC Evaluation System  by André-Jacques Hettier de Boislambert
3.   Trophy Hunting, Hunting Trophies and Trophy Recording: Evaluating Facts, Risks and Opportunities by Gerhard R. Damm
4.   Restoring Kenya’s Squandered Heritage by Dr Laurence Frank
5.   The Influence of Trophy Measurement in Cape Buffalo by Dr Winston Taylor
6.   Scoring of Trophies by A B Bubenik
7.   Cape Buffalo: Is the SCI Trophy Scoring System Wrong? by Dr Kevin Robertson
8.   Red Deer Stag Classification in Europe by Prof. Dr Klaus Hacklaender
9.   Sacrificial Ram by Daniel Duane
10.   Hunters Shoot Themselves in the Foot by Ian Parker
11.   Trophy Hunting: The Professional Hunter’s Dilemma by Stewart Dorrington and Peter de Villiers Butland, Professional Hunters’s Association of South Africa
12.   Predator Conservation and Hunting in Kenya by Dr Stephanie Romañach
13.   The Rowland Ward Guild of Field Sportsmen by Peter H. Flack
14.   Hunting for Trophies by Raymond Lee, President FNAWS & ISHA
15.   SCI Record Book of Trophy Animals: Documenting the Hunting Heritage by Dr Doug Yajko, Chairman, SCI Trophy Records & Awards Programs
16.   Boone and Crockett Club: Fair Chase and Conservation Since 1887 by Jack Reneau, Director Big Game Records, Boone & Crockett Club

The issue in pdf format: July – August (Vol 5-4)
1.   Editorial
2.   “Only one Elephant in this Room…” Report from CITES CoP-14 in The Hague
3.   CITES & CIC Work Together
4.   One Shot Hunt Club South Africa
5.   News From Africa
6.   Bowhunting Course at the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC)
7.   CIC Edmond Blanc Award 2007 Goes to Namibia
8.   Unexpected Wildlife Abundance in Southern Sudan
9.   Northern White Rhino Hope
10.   Deadly Encounters
11.   PH Christo Kaiser Killed By Elephant
12.   Southern African Leopard Hunting Perspectives
12.1.   The Houndsmen Say
12.2.   Views of an Old Professional Hunter
13.   Global Tourism – A Multi-Billion Dollar Venture
14.   Belgrade CIC Trophy Hunting Workshop Report
15.   Central African Republic: Elephants in Turmoil
16.   Migratory Species: Working towards a Vision for 2020
17.   Why Tanzania was well advised to withdraw its ivory proposal to CITES CoP-14

The issue in pdf format: September – October (Vol 5-5)
1.   Tanzania: Facts and Rumors – is there an alternative to “Use it AND Lose it”?
2.   CIC Delegation Southern Africa Reactivated
3.   Kenya: As Hunting Debate Rages, Focus Must Turn to Local People
4.   African Elephant Status Report 2007
5.   Fences and Lions
6.   SADC Looks at Food Security
7.   Trophy Hunting: Perspectives of an International Hunter
8.   Call for an Expression of Interest: Conservation and Tourism Concession, Niassa National Reserve
9.   Rowland Ward – “An Exciting Future”
10.   Southern Sudan: A Paradise Not Yet Lost
11.   The Black-faced Impala in Namibia
12.   Whatever Happened to Hunting?
13.   News from Africa
14.   2007 Annual Meeting: Society for Conservation Biology
15.   Some Thoughts about Trophy Hunting and Hunting Trophies
16.   US-Petitions Filed to Release Namibian Leopard Trophies
17.   Policies on Wildlife Still Drawn From Colonial Era
18.   Human-Carnivore Conflict in Niassa National Reserve

The issue in pdf format: November – December (Vol 5-6)
1.   Editorial by Gerhard Damm
2.   The Tanzanian Hunting Crisis: Some Historical Context and Implications for the Future by Fred Nelson
3.   The Kidunda Dam: A Never Ending Story by Ludwig Siege
4.   I’ve Walked the Line… Have You? By Robert D Brown
5.   Sahelo-Saharan Interest Group (SSIG) by John Newby
6.   Botswana: Lion Hunting Suspended Again by Gerhard Damm
7.   Mountain Nyala Populations: Defining the Facts and Unknowns by Paul Evangelista
8.   News from Africa
9.   The Harvest of Wild Raptors by Falconers: A Practical Exercise in Sustainable Use to Encourage Conservation by Adrian Lombard
10.   Team Revised American Airlines Firearm Policy by DSC Staff
11.   Ben F. Carter Designated New DSC Executive Director by DSC Staff
12.   Renewing a Culture of Wildlife Utilization Through the Namibia Communal Area Conservancy Program by L Chris Weaver et al
13.   Flare-Horned Markhor Import Permit Granted By USF&WS by John J Jackson III
14.   Ten Years of “Conservation Force” Success Story by Gerhard Damm
15.   “That’s Africa” A New Book by Anno Hecker Reviewed by Gerhard Damm
16.   Human-Carnivore Conflict in Niassa National Reserve by Colleen Begg et al
17.   USF&WS: Alert over the Import of Hunting Trophies by John J Jackson III
18.   Zambia: A Country Report
19.   Zimbabwe: HHK Safaris by Gerhard Damm
20.   The Lacey Act: Implications for US Hunters by John J Jackson III
21.   Selous Game Reserve: Report of the Reactive Monitoring Mission (World Heritage Committee)
22.   Proposed Changes to Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game by Peter Flack