The issue in pdf format: January – February (Vol 6-1)
1.   Some Thoughts for 2008 by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Hunting – The Good and the Bad by Kai-Uwe Denker
3.   Recreational Hunting: Governance, Equity and Conservation Benefits by Lee Foote
4.   Namibia’s Conservancies and Wildlife Benefit From Trophy Hunting (“The Namibian”)
5.   2008 Huntinamibia – All You Need to Know About Hunting in Namibia by Gerhard R Damm
6.   Giant Sable Follow-Up Report by Pedra vaz Pinto
7.   News from Africa
8.   Rolf Baldus’ Book – “30 Years on the Tracks of the Big Five” Reviewed by Gerhard R Damm
9.   Conservation Partners: Dallas Safari Club and Sports Afield by DSC Staff
10.   Successful PHASA AGM 2007 by Gerhard R Damm
11.   Why We Hunt by Randall L Eaton
12.   Conservation and Sustainable Use: A Handbook of Techniques Reviewe by Robin Sharp
13.   Saving Saharan Wildlife by John Newby
14.   Sustainable Hunting: Revised Principles, Criteria and Indicators by M Fostner et al
15.   2007 NAPHA AGM by Gerhard R Damm
16.   Kenya’s Conservation Crisis: Set To Continue? by Mike Norton-Griffith
17.   Kai-Uwe Denker’s “Along the Hunter’s Path” reviewed by Gerhard R Damm
18.   Tanzania: New Fees and Changes in the Wildlife Division by Gerhard R Damm

The issue in pdf format: March – April (Vol 6-2)
1.   Hunting for Truth: Why Rationalizing the Ritual Must Fail
2.   Auction Items for the PHASA Gala Dinner
3.   South Africa to Resume Elephant Culling
4.   Antelopes Successfully Reintroduced in Tunisia
5.   2008 Dallas Safari Club Convention Breaks Records
6.   Dr. Ian Player Receives Peter H. Capstick Hunting Heritage Award
7.   Wild Africa in Southern Africa
8.   Dallas Safari Club’s Initiative Saves Millions of Acres for Conservation
9.   Gordon Cundill’s “Some Lions I have Met”
10.   International Association for Falconry AGM 2008 in South Africa
11.   News from Africa
12.   Hunting and Culture: CIC Supports Wildlife Band in Southern Tanzania
13.   Joy of the Hunt: Why can’t Postmodern Society Acknowledge its Inner Wild Man?
14.   Chikungunya Fever Fact Sheet
15.   CMS and CIC Boost Partnership
16.   Hyenas and Lion Interaction
17.   PHASA Takes Action on White Rhino
18.   Tanzania Hunting Prices: The Saga Continues

The issue in pdf format: May – June (Vol 6-3)
1.   Rural Poverty, Food Security and the African Elephant
2.   ECWP Releases Houbara Bustards in Morocco
3.   Don’t Fence Me In
4.   The CIC Trophy Measuring and Monitoring System
5.   Principles, Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Trophy Hunting
6.   Conclusions of the 2008 CIC Congress: Sustainable Hunting Promotes Conservation
7.   Governance in Hunting Tourism
8.   South African Vultures Threatened
9.   The South African Elephant Debate: A Veteran’s View
10.   Only Option or Elephantine Overkill?  Emotional Arguments Don’t Help Wildlife Conservation
11.   Hunting Safaris in Namibia Attract Hunters Worldwide
12.   Dallas Safari Club Partners with Orion Multimedia and VERSUS
13.   News from Africa
14.   WWF Publication: “Community-Based Natural Resource Management Manual”
15.   Namibia’s Conservancies Go From Strength to Strength Thanks to Hunting

The issue in pdf format: July – August (Vol 6-4)
1.   Trophy Scoring and the African Buffalo Editorial
2.   2008 CIC Markhor Award >>
3.   European Charter on Hunting and Biodiversity
4.   Exotic Wildlife Association – Sahara Conservation Fund: A Not So Exotic Partnership
5.   Benefits for People and Wildlife: Sustainable Use in Operation
6.   Zambia Lion Project: Wish List 2008
7.   Addax (Addax nasomaculatus)
8.   Review of Options for Managing the Impacts of Locally Overabundant Elephant Populations
9.   With a Population of 50 Million in 2020, Kenya is Doomed
10.   South Africa Imposes National Moratorium on Rhino Horn
11.   News from Africa
12.   CIC Edmond Blanc Awards 2008
13.   New Landmark Satellite Report to Africa’s Environment Minister
14.   CITES Trophy Importation Crisis Averted
15.   Namibia’s Conservancies Deliver
16.   Mountain Buffalo – Wilderness Hunting in Tanzania

The issue in pdf format: September – October (Vol 6-5)
1.   African Rhinos: A Near Disaster May Lead to a Sustainable Future Editorial, Gerhard R Damm
2.   The Other Food Crisis
3.   Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation
4.   Population Biology: The Science of Population Management for Captivity, Reintroduction, and Conservation Colleen Lynch
5.   New Books of Interest to the Hunter-Conservationist
6.   African Professional Hunters’ Association
7.   FACE Unveils Redesigned Website with More Features and Expanding Content
8.   News from Africa
9.   Rowland Ward and SCI go Separate Ways Richard Flack
10.   Algunas de las razones por las que cada vez son menores los trofeos de Búfalo Isabel de Quintanilla
11.   Trophy Hunting Workshop for Namibian Farmers
12.   Wild Sheep Foundation Announces Gray Thornton as New President
13.   SAWC Nature Guide Course
14.   Press Statement by the Hon. Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, Minister of Environment and Tourism, Republic of Namibia
15.   Ivory Sales Get the Go-Ahead Gerhard R Damm
16.   Elephant Hunting – An Alternative View Garth Owen-Smith
17.   Business Vital to Conserve Continent’s Wildlife Brigitte Weidlich

The issue in pdf format: November – December (Vol 6-6)
1.   The Future of Conservation Hunting in Botswana Editorial by Gerhard R Damm
2.   Elephant Ivory Auction Feedback by Gerhard R Damm
3.   Sustainable Hunting Tourism Accepted as Conservation Tool at IUCN WCC
4.   Pan-Saharan Wildlife Survey
5.   “Wilding the farm or farming the wild”? The evolution of scientific game ranching in South Africa from the 1960s to the present reviewed by Gerhard R Damm
6.   News: Rowland Ward USA by Haskell Stricken
7.   N≠a Jaqna Conservancy Gets International Award
8.   Eland Bull Dominance by Gerhard R Damm
9.   Makgadikgadi Brown Hyaena Project
10.   News From Africa
11.   Nubian Ibex (Capra nubiana Cuivier 1825) by Gerhard R Damm
12.   „Hunting“ behind High Fences – a Perspective from Austria (Position Paper FUST)
13.   Barbary Sheep, Aoudad or Arrui (Ammotragus lervia Pallas 1777) by Gerhard R Damm
14.   Elephant Conservation in Zimbabwe by Dr M Z Mtsambiwa
15.   Kamanjab Farmers in Namibia Fed Up With Destructive Elephants by Brigitte Weidlich
16.   Strategy on Lion Conservation on Cards by Wezi Tjaronda
17.   The Rhino Story: Continued by Gerhard R Damm
18.   Sustainable Hunting on the Agenda of the World’s Biggest Gathering for Conservation