The issue in pdf format: January – April (Vol 7-1 & 2)
1.   Finally a Book on the Selous
2.   We Are Still Around
3.   Rhino Wars in Southern Africa
4.   Namibia’s Elephants
5.   CITES, Sustainable Use of Wild Species & Incentive-Driven Conservation [in] Southern Africa
6.   Ivory Auctions Revisited
7.   Should Trophy Hunting be Allowed in Kenya in Order to Save the Masai Mara?
8.   Eastern Cape Hosts PHASA 2008
9.   Proposals to Establish the Spiral Horned Antelope Club
10.   Extract from the World Conservation Force Bulletin January 2009
11.   News from Africa
12.   Book Review: Recreational Hunting, Conservation  and Rural Livelihoods: Science and Practice
13.   Larry Norton Fund Raising Exhibition for the Hwange Conservation Society
14.   Researchers Point to African Wildlife Successes
15.   KwaZulu-Natal Hunting and Conservation Society 50th Jubilee Around the Corner
16.   The Value in Hunting
17.   Conservation Force Admitted as IUCN Member
18.   IUCN Antelope Specialist Group Updates
19.   Comments on the 2009 Zambezi Valley Auction
20.   Rhino Species
21.   New Prices for Hunting in Ethiopia

The issue in pdf format: May – June (Vol 7-3)
1.   L’ évaluation des trophées français: Histoire – Organisation
2.   Harry Tennison Passes On
3.   Wild Heart of Africa – Review of an Extraordinary Book
4.   The Royal Antelope
5.   Black Gold … Or White?
6.   The Namibian Professional Hunting Association Trophy Medals: Selective Hunting is Conservation
7.   Lion Campaign Kicks Off in the Nick of Time
8.   A Critical Review of an Article by T Caro
9.   A New “Record Red Deer” From Argentina and Another One in the Making
10.   CD Rom on the Addis Ababa Principles & Guidelines
11.   Trophy Males as Individuals of Low Fitness
12.   Central African Giant Eland: Cameroon versus CAR
13.   CIC Trophy Scoring Symposium in Vienna
14.   News from Africa
15.   Global Status of Antelopes: 70% Not Threatened

The issue in pdf format: July – August (Vol 7-4)
1.   Editor’s Notes
2.   The Royal Sable – From 2002 to the Present
3.   CIC Takes Positions in Paris
4.   Readers’ Comment: Review of the Caro Paper
5.   Niassa Carnivore Project and Niassa News
6.   Illegal Cattle Grazing in Nyae-Nyae Conservancy
7.   Hunting Statistics South Africa 2006-2007
8.   International Day of Biological Diversity: Hunters Sustain Biodiversity
9.   PHASA Does it Again for South Africa’s Natural Heritage
10.   News from Africa
11.   Sesse Island Sitatunga
12.   Wild Heart of Africa Launched in Tanzania
13.   Long Term Conservation of the African Lion
14.   Review: Recreational Hunting, Conservation & Livelihoods
15.   End of the Road for Canned Lion Shooting
16.   July CITES Briefing on Rhino
17.   PHASA: Outcome of Rhino Workshop
18.   Wildlife Artist John Banovich Releases Excellent Book

The issue in pdf format: September – October (Vol 7-5)
1.   PHASA President’s Opinion (Peter Butland)
2.   Spiral Horn Antelope Club: Ssese Island Sitatunga (Peter Flack)
3.   NAPHA Press Release for the International Hunting Community
4.   SCI on Rhino Poaching (Nelson Freeman)
5.   Zimbabwe: Occupied Farms (TAU SA North)
6.   Meilleures pratiques pour une chasse durable : expériences positives d’Afrique australe (R Baldus, G Damm and K Wollscheid)
7.   Giant Sable Report (Pedro vaz Pinto)
8.   Zimbabwe Trying to Stop Rhino Poaching
9.   Abstract: Community based natural resource management in Zimbabwe: the experience of CAMPFIRE (Russell Taylor)
10.   News from Africa
11.   Rhino News
12.   Spiral Horn Antelope Club: Nile Bushbuck (Peter Flack)
13.   Vulture Restaurants (Kerri Wolter)
14.   Watching Wildlife With White People (Brendan Borrell)
15.   Spiral Horn Antelope Club: Sitatunga DNA Analysis (Peter Flack)
16.   Abstract: The strategic pillars of communal natural resource management: benefit, empowerment and conservation (Marshall Murphree)
17.   Death Warrant on Exotic Species  (American Deer & Wildlife Alliance)
18.   Poaching Crisis As Rhino Horn Demand Booms In Asia
19.   News from Conservation Force (John Jackson)
20.   Niassa Elephant Trophy Import Permits Denied (John Jackson)

The issue in pdf format: November – December (Vol 7-6)
1.   Elinor Ostrom’s Nobel Prize: Encouragement for CBNRM
2.   Collaborative Natural Resource Management in Zimbabwe
3.   Abstract: The Realities of CBNRM and Biodiversity Conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa
4.   Bushbuck, Harnessed Antelope or Both?
5.   Spiral Horned Antelope Club: A Letter From Brian Herne
6.   The Leopard That Almost Wasn’t
7.   Zambia Elephant Import Suit
8.   Navigating the Fire Swamp of Hunting Ethics
9.   News from Africa
10.   Wilhelm „Lion“ Kuhnert (1865-1926)
11.   Review: Status of the Wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) 1967-2005 by R. D. Estes and R. East
12.   Selling Ivory to Save the Elephants
13.   Reader Feedback on Peter Flack’s Lord Derby Eland Article
14.   Black Rhino Forge New Territory
15.   Opportunistic Wildlife Trade in Yemen
16.   The Hunting of Bustards in South Africa – Threats, Challenges and Opportunities
17.   The Elephant Trade Information System (ETIS) and the Illicit Trade in Ivory
18.   NAPHA Press Release – 9th October 2009