The issue in pdf format: January – February (Vol 8-1)
1.   John Jackson Recognized with International Statesman Award by Gray Thornton
2.   Tamás Marghescu to Succeed Kai Wollscheid as CIC CEO (CIC Press Release)
3.   US Hunters: Checklist for Trophy Import by John J Jackson III
4.   CIC Welcomes the Award of the Nobel Prize in Economics to Professor Elinor Ostrom (CIC Press Release)
5.   Theodore Roosevelt Hunter-Conservationist  – An Illustrated Biography (Book Review)
6.   Zimbabwe’s Environment Under Serious Threat (Delegation of the European Commission to Zimbabwe)
7.   Conservationists Label Zimbabwe Poaching Epicenter  (Press Report Compilation)
8.   Al Ain’s Oryx May Hold Key to Breeding Program by Emmanuelle Landais
9.   Illegal Ivory: Operation Costa
10.   News from Africa
11.   Rhino Poaching: Legalizing Horn Trade May Be the Answer  by Michael Eustace
12.   Africa: The Next Ivory Battle in the Making  by Rolf D Baldus
13.   CIC Markhor Award: Request for Proposals (CIC Press Release)
14.   Hunters can make a difference! (CIC Press Release)
15.   Ivory and China
16.   CITES Secretary General Expected in Zimbabwe
17.   Strategic Economic Significance of Current High Levels of Poaching In Zimbabwe (Stakeholder Conference on Rhino Conservation)

The issue in pdf format: March – April (Vol 8-2)
1.   CITES Doha March 2010: And the Winner is …?
2.   Giant Sable Update
3.   Two Views of the Serengeti – One True, One Myth
4.   Rebuilding the Wildlife Sector in a New Zimbabwe
5.   SafariTalk
6.   SafariTalk Interviews John F. Walker on Ivory
7.   Kenya’s Wildlife Debacle: The True Cost of Banning Hunting
8.   The Status of Wildlife in Protected Areas Compared to Non-Protected Areas of Kenya
9.   IN MEMORIAM: Professor Heribert Kalchreuter
10.   Managing the Conflicts Between People and Lion
11.   Breakthrough: CIC Coordinates Global Platform on Hunting Ammunition
12.   African Wildlife Heritage Gala Dinner Auction List
13.   OBITUARY: Brian Nicholson

The issue in pdf format: May – June (Vol 8-3)
1.   The Way I see It
2.   Professional Hunters Raise Two Million Rand For Conservation
3.   CIC Recommendation Zimbabwe GA57REC01
4.   New CIC-FAO Publication: Comparison of the Prices of Hunting Tourism in Southern and Eastern Africa
5.   Markhor Prize Winner 2008 – Niassa  National Reserve Mozambique Revisited >>
6.   Reflexionen zur Situation des  Atlashirsch (Cervus elaphus barbarus) in Nordafrika
7.   The Selous – Niassa Wildlife Corridor in Tanzania: Biodiversity Conservation from the Grassroots >>
8.   Ethiopia’s Mountain Nyala
9.   A Practical Summary of Experiences After Three Decades of Community-based  Wildlife Conservation in Africa
10.   What CoP15 Means for Wildlife Conservation
11.   100 Pounder Elephant taken in Botswana
12.   Milestones in the Efforts to Save the Giant Sable and the Role Played by Donors
13.   The Luando Reserve in 1969 and 1970
14.   The Hunting Community’s Role in the Conservation of the Giant Sable Antelope
15.   Quo Vadis South Africa?
16.   CIC GA57REC02 Recommendation Giant Sable
17.   Sustainable Leopard Hunting in Botswana
18.   Memories
19.   Ssese Island Sitatunga
20.   Your path to register your CIC hunting trophies for the 2010 edition of Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game starts here
21.   CIC’s Edmond Blanc Prize 2010 Goes to the Grafenwöhr Federal Forestry Enterprise in Bavaria, Germany

The issue in pdf format: July – October (Vol 8-4 & 5)
1.   The War On Rhinos
2.   Angola: Giant Sable Update
3.   Rhino Darting in South Africa
4.   Uganda Suspends Trophy Hunting
5.   PHASA Counters unfounded ARA Accusations
6.   Understanding Animal Rights
7.   Conservation Status of the Lion in Mozambique
8.   Rowland ward Lion Taken in Mozambique
9.   Illegal PAC Hunts Sold In Mozambique
10.   The Zambia Lion Project
11.   Towards Sustainable Wildlife Management Areas In Tanzania
12.   Tanzania: Serengeti Shall Not Die! Really?
13.   Fence Leads to Mass Mortalities of Threatened Ungulates in Mahazat-As-Sayd Protected Area in Arid  Central Saudi Arabia
14.   Agriculture Development & Wildlife Conservation in Africa: Call for a “Green” Revolution
15.   Lion Trading the Same as Cow Trading for Some
16.   Arabian Oryx Reintroduction In Abu Dhabi – UAE
17.   CIC: National Parks and Sustainable Hunting – Two Sides of the Same Coin
18.   New Kenyan Scheme: KWS Asks the World for Funds!
19.   Godzilla Versus King Kong – East African Style
20.   World Record Nyala Versus South Africa’s Conservation Revolution
21.   South Africa: Overseas Hunters Must Comply with the Law
22.   In Memoriam: Gilberto Vicente
23.   The Selous Game Reserve
24.   Peter Sarstedt To Sing For Conservation

The issue in pdf format: November – December (Vol 8-6)
1.   Deputy Minister Mabudafhasi Is Committed to the Professional Hunting Industry of South Africa – Joint Press Release by PHASA and Department of Water and Environmental Affairs
2.   The War on Rhinos: More Thoughts on Horn Trade and Traditional Oriental Medicine by Gerhard R Damm
3.   Report from Angola by Pedro vaz Pinto
4.   Book Review: Hunting – In Search of the Wild Life. Edited by Nathan Kowalsky reviewed by Peter H Flack
5.   We Hunt, Therefore, We Are! By Michael A. Sawyers
6.   CapeNature Extends Species Range – CapeNature Press Release
7.   CIC Markhor Award 2010 Goes To Pakistan – CIC Press Release >>
8.   United Nations Declare Ancient Hunting As Global Cultural Heritage: “Falconry is a Living Human Heritage”
9.   Measuring Parks’ Performance by Michael Eustace
10.   Spiral-Horned Antelope Club: Christopher Kinsey by Peter H Flack
11.   Affordable Private Jet Flying For CIC Members – CIC Press Release
12.   Frequently Asked Questions: Rhino Dehorning by Faan Coetzee/EWT
13.   Rhino Horn: Facts and Myths by Richard Ellis
14.   United Against Poaching – A Success Story From Northern Cameroon by Raquel Reguera
15.   Elephant Poaching Pandemic in Central Africa by Eric Turquin
16.   A Tool for Lion Hunters: The Conservation Force Pocket Guide To Aging Lions by John J. Jackson III
17.   In Memoriam: Rick Hopcraft & Parmois Ole Kerito (Tinea) by Robin Hurt
18.   Conservation Force Pocket Guide To Aging Lions