The issue in pdf format: January – February (Vol 9-1)
1.   A Plea to the Professional Hunter and Field Scientist Alike
2.   Tanzania: Reform of the Hunting Industry in the Making
3.   Small Atoms Can Help Saving Big Elephants.
4.   CIC Calls Hunters for Support: African Elephant Ivory Samples Needed
5.   FAO and CIC Sign Historical Memorandum of Understanding
6.   Palanca Negra Report from Angola
7.   The Future of Wildlife-Based Land Uses in Botswana
8.   Using Drop Nets to Capture Free Ranging Wildlife
9.   The Taxonomy of African Game Animals
10.   The Conservation Status of Lion in Tanzania
11.   FAO-CIC Publications
12.   Southern Sudan
13.   The Cryptic African Wolf
14.   Distribution Update of the Arabian Wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) from Saudi Arabia
15.   The South African Conservation Success Story
16.   The War on Rhinos – A Reader’s Comment

The issue in pdf format: March – June (Vol 9-2 & 3)
1.   Editorial
2.   The World Forum For Sustainable Hunting At The 58th CIC General Assembly
3.   Conservation Training Gets A Massive Cash Injection
4.   CIC Speaks At CITES Conference Of The European Commission in Vienna
5.   The South African Conservation Success Story Première
6.   Hunting and Nature Conservation in South Africa
7.   CIC Hunting in Art, Literary and Photographic Awards 2011
8.   Tanzania: Projects With Negative Environmental Consequences
9.   Rhinoceros Horn Sale Ban in Effect in the UK
10.   CIC Edmond Blanc Prize 2011
11.   The Evolution Of CITES – 9th Edition – 2011
12.   The WILD Foundation, SCIF Combat Rhino Poachers
13.   Conservation And Sustainable Use In Namibia: The Key To Conservation Success
14.   Saving The Rhino – Part 1
15.   Rare Dama Gazelles Rediscovered
16.   Bilateral Collaboration Between South Africa And Viet Nam To Address Rhinoceros Horn Trade
17.   Implications For CITES If African Elephants Split
18.   Hunting Lions: Unpalatable But Necessary For Conservation?
19.   Save The Rhino Part 2
20.   Rinderpest in Africa
21.   New Papers, Research Reports and Downloads

The issue in pdf format: July – August (Vol 9-4)
1.   From The Editor’s Desk
2.   The State Of Hunting In Ethiopia – My Impressions
3.   The Common Warthog and the Desert Warthog
4.   Warthogs in Africa
4.1   Evidence Of Two Genetically Deeply Divergent Species of Warthog in East Africa
4.2   Distribution Of The Common Warthog And The Desert Warthog In The Horn Of Africa
4.3   A photographic guide to the differences between the Common Warthog and the Desert Warthog
4.4   Desert Warthog Found In Tsavo East National Park And Tsavo West National Park
5.   Northern White Rhino: Now Ceratotherium cottoni ?
6.   Southern Sudan Wildlife
7.   CIC Warns Museums And Owners Of Rhino Hunting Trophies
8.   News From Africa
9.   Rural Communities And The Implementation Of CITES In Developing Countries
10.   Agribusiness Boom Threatens Key African Wildlife Migration
11.   The Growing Involvement Of Foreign NGOs In Setting Policy Agendas and Political Decision-Making In Africa
12.   To Skin A Cat: Southern Africa’s Leopards In Peril

The issue in pdf format: September – October (Vol 9-5)
1.   A Letter from the Editor
2.   Official Response of the Botswana Government on Mmegi Article “Wildlife Hunting to Cease in Botswana”
3.   Spiral Horned Antelope Club: The Legend of Welverdiend
4.   Anti-Poaching Campaign In The Niger Desert
5   Von Kudus und Kängurus (Of Kudus And Kangaroos)
6   The CIC At The CBD/CITES Bushmeat Meeting
7   Obituary: Dr Lucas Potgieter
8   News From Africa
9.  Professional Hunters, Conservationists And Government Cooperate In Namibia
10.   Historical Incidence Of The Larger Land Mammals In The Broader Western And Northern Cape
11.   Age Development of the African Buffalo: The Myth of the Closed Boss
12.   Scoring the Horns of the African Buffalo
13.   Call For Debate: Scoring The Horns Of The African Buffalo
14.   Another Inconvenient Truth: The Failure Of Enforcement Systems To Save Charismatic Species
15.   Book Review: Wildes Herz von Afrika: Der Selous – Traumhaftes Wildschutzgebiet
16.   Angola – Palanca Negra (Royal Sable)
17.   Trophy Lion Guidelines & Age Minimums – Zambia
18.   Professional Hunters Association of Zambia (PHAZ)
19.   Still Walking On The Wild Side? Management Actions As Steps Towards Semi-Domestication Of Hunted Ungulates
20.   Rhino Announcement Of Minister Molewa
21.   PHASA Requests Minister To Improve The Current Mechanisms In Place To Combat Rhino Poaching
22.   Stop Press – Latest News