The issue in pdf format: October (Vol 10-1)
1.   A Word from The CIC President
2.   Namibian Conservation Wins Markhor Award for its Communal Conservancy Program >>
3.   History of the CIC Markhor Award >>
4.   IUCN SSC Guiding Principles on Trophy Hunting Released
5.   The SSC Guiding Principles on Trophy Hunting as a Tool for Conservation Incentives
6.   IUCN Introduces Green List
7.   Is this the Future of Cape Buffalo Hunting?
8.   Book Review: Glen Martin’s “Game Changer, Animal Rights and the Fate of Africa’s Wildlife”
9.   Save Valle Conservancy: Myth versus Truth – The Facts
10.  Urgently Revise the Wildlife Law In Kenya
11.  CIC-Press Release: “Conservation in Southern Africa Benefits from Trophy Hunting of Elephants”
12.  Animal Rights Philosophy and Wildlife Conservation
13.  Number of International Hunters Drops in Ethiopia
14.  CIC-Press Release: “Banning Lion Hunting Endangers the Survival of Lions in the Wild!”
15.  The One Special Trophy
16.  If Hunters Temper Desires and Landowners Greed …
17.  Tanzanian Uraniumleaks: Secret Contract between Hunting Company and Uranium Miners Revealed
18.  Mozambique: Ministry of Tourism Elects not to Renew the Management Contract for the Niassa National Reserve
19.  News from Africa

The issue in pdf format: December (Vol 10-2)
1.   Ivory Wars or Ivory Peace? Is There a Way Forward
2.   The South African Rhino Crisis– A Situational Review
3.   Conference on Illegal and Unsustainable Use and Trade of Wild Meat in SADC
4.   Arab Spring Causes Massive Wildlife Slaughter in Northern Africa
5.   The “Inconvenient Truth” About the Ivory Trade
6.   Last 500 Ethiopian Wolves Endangered by Lack  of Genetic Diversity
7.   What Makes Ethiopia’s Bale Mountains Unique?
8.   An Epic Mountain Nyala Hunt
9.   Markus Borner Farewell Celebration
10. Book Review: The AGRED Guide to Gamebird Management in South Africa
11. Wildlife Matters
12. DNA Confirms Genetically Distinct Lion Population for Ethiopia
13. Botswana’s Ban on Hunting Harmful
14. Scimitar-Horned Oryx in Chad
15. Hyenas in Addis Ababa
16. News from Africa