Genetic Contamination – a response to N.F.Alberts
September 2013, Volume 11-4

Welcome to the world we live in. Trophy hunters have been genetically contaminating our wildlife populations for many years. By shooting the strongest and best animals to hang on their walls, trophy hunters have allowed weaker, smaller animals to contaminate their populations with inferior genetics. Responsible game farmers are rectifying this situation by giving the best of the species a chance to breed and pass on their superior traits.

Alberts refers to natural populations of animals that must therefore live in natural areas (i.e. that exist without the influence of man). I kindly request that he shows us such an area in South Africa? Kruger National Park is not a natural area but a poorly managed extensive area.

Alberts also states that golden wildebeest are weaker than their counterparts because of their skin colour. I once again kindly request that the scientific research or practical experience supporting this claim is provided. I have been conserving these naturally occurring gems of nature for over 20 years. They have not been artificially created by man. Scientific research carried out by one of the most world renowned animal scientists (Jan Bonsma) showed that mammals with a light coloured coat with a pigmented skin are best adapted to a hot dry climate. It is my experience that Golden wildebeest are NOT weaker and may be better adapted to our changing climate than their darker counterparts.

Best regards,

Barry York

Find below invitation to take part in a survey which forms part of Phillip Olivier’s ( research on colour variation of African antelope:

I’m a M.Sc. Zoology student at the University of the Free State, I’m doing my research on colour variation of African antelope and I have created a survey to determine what the general stakeholder opinions are on this issue is, as there are many contrasting viewpoints on the matter and yet there is no quantified information available on the subject. The survey is available in English and Afrikaans at the following link.

Author: Barry York

A.I. has received the following response to the letter by N.F. Alberts on Genetic Contamination published in the June edition of the AI (Vol 11 (3)