The in pdf format: 2014 December (Vol 12-6)

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1. Landrover Supports Anti‐Hunters >>
2. Some Firsts, By The First, For The First >>
3. Game Industry ‐ Quo Vadis? >>
4. CIC Markhor Award: 2008 – 2014 >>
5. US Fish & Wildlife Service: Lion Not An Endangered Species >>
6. Strategies To Stop Poaching In Selous Game Reserve >>
7. Elephant Poaching In Northern Mozambique’s Niassa Reserve – An Action Replay Of The . . Selous? >>
8. CITES And Confiscated Elephant Ivory And Rhino Horn – To Destroy Or Not Destroy? >>
9. Elephant Ivory Trade In China: Trends And Drivers By Yufang Gao And Susan B Clark >>
10. The Complex Policy Issue Of Elephant Ivory Stockpile Management >>
11. More On The Ivory Trade Ban >>
12. Guidelines On Methods And Procedures For Ivory Sampling And Laboratory Analysis >>
13. Identification Of Policies For A Sustainable Legal Trade In Rhinoceros >>
14. How Robust Are The Arguments Against A Legal Trade In Rhino Horn? >>
15. Chemical Horn Infusions – A Poaching Deterrent Or An Unnecessary Deception? >>
16. IUCN Position Statement: The Threat Posed By Unregulated Use Of Poison To Africa’s Biodiversity, Ecosystems And Human Health >>
17. News From and About Africa >>
18. The New SANParks CEO Is Fundisile Mketeni >>
19. The Struggle For Survival Of The Madagascan Pochard >>
20. Obituary: Don Lindsay >>
21. Obituary: Ray Sparrow >>
22. Obituary: Brian Marsh >>
23. Beyond Proprietorship ‐ Murphree’s Laws On Community‐Based Natural Resource Management In Southern Africa >>

The issue in pdf format: 2014 October (Vol 12-5-II)
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1. A Word From The Editor >>
2. Canned Killings And Other Unnatural Behavior In The Game Ranching Industry >>
3. Opinion: Dr. Gerhard Verdoorn On Game Ranching In South Africa >>
4. Opinion: N F Alberts On Game Breeding In South Africa >>
5. Not All In Favor Of Burning Rhino Horn >>
6. Africa-Wide Elephant Census Underway >>
7. A Journey Through The Ages From Artemis To Katniss >>
8. Can Elephants Survive A Continued Ivory Trade Ban? >>
9. Unsustainable Use: The Unintended Consequences >>
10. Hunting For Sustainability: Lion Conservation In Selous Game Reserve >>
11. News From And About Africa >>
12. Book Review: Hunting The Spiral Horns: Bushbuck – The Little Big Buck >>

The issue in pdf format:
2014 October (Vol 12-5-I)
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1. A Word From The Editor >>
2. CIC Africa Ambassador Dr. Ali Kaka Meets Hon. Jean Kapata In Lusaka >>
3. KNP Anti-Poaching Chief Speaks >>
4. Devastating Decline Of Forest Elephants In Central Africa >>
5. The Viability Of Legalizing Rhino Horn Trade In South Africa >>
6. News From Kenya >>
7. Selous Elephant Emergency Project SEEP >>
8. Anti-Poaching In Zimbabwe >>
9. Whose Elephants Are They? Strengthening Community-Based Conservation And Communities’ Ownership Rights For Elephants In Africa >>
10. A Socio-Economic Review Of Hunting In Africa >>
11. Poaching Is Asian-Run And Africa-Based >>
12. Rising Murder Toll Of Park Rangers Calls For Tougher Laws >>
13. The Rise Of The Huntress: A Commentary On The Rising Popularity Of Hunting Among Women >>
14. News From And About Africa >>
15. Rhino Poaching Kingpin Hugo Ras And Accomplices Arrested >>
16. Book Review: On Safari – With Africa’s German-speaking Hunters, From Alvensleben To Zwilling By  Rolf D. Baldus and Werner Schmitz >>

The issue in pdf format: 2014 July (Vol 12-4)
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1. Editorial: African Elephant: US Import Suspension for Hunting Trophies from Zimbabwe and Tanzania >>
2. The Monster Crocs of Lake Chamo >>
3. Runaway Game Prices – An Economic Bubble With Major Conservation Risks? >>
4. A Letter from Professional Hunter Natasha Illum-Berg >>
5. Blame War, Not Safaris >>
6. The Chinko Project >>
7. Hunting Plays Role in the Protection of Environment >>
8. Namibia: If We Ban All Hunting >>
9. Hunting For a Way to Save Wildlife >>
10. If You Really Want to Save the Elephants, Farm Them >>
11. Namibian Government Responds to Elephant Hunting Debate >>
12. Will Hunting Save Lions From Extinction? >>
13. A Model for a Smart Trade in Rhino Horn >>
14. News From and About Africa >>
15. Prosperity Humbug Kills Rhinos: Miersch Interviews Baldus >>
16. Dual Tragedy in Pondo Camp, Musalangu GMA, Zambia >>

The issue in pdf format: 2014 May (Vol 12-3)
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1. Editorial: Global Summit – Hunters United Against Wildlife Crime >>
2. Tanzania: The Selous Revisited >>
3. Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) Anti-Poaching Training >>
4. Poaching in Africa: Facts, Causes and Solutions >>
5. Poverty, Poaching and Trafficking: What are the links? >>
6. Tanzania Wildlife Summit to Stop Wildlife Crime & Advance Wildlife Conservation: A Call for Action. May 2014 >>
7. Stanford Students Help Protect Endangered Species in Africa >>
8. Germany’s Research Project to Determine Age and Provenance of Elephant Ivory >>
9. In Africa, All Conservation Is Local >>
10. Fair Chase and the Hunt for Survival >>
11. Former PHASA President Ronnie Rowland on PHASA Lion Policy >>
12. Responding to Hunting Hate Mail >>
13. News From and About Africa >>
14. Upcoming Events >>
15. Stop Press: Service Suspends Import of Elephant Trophies from Tanzania and Zimbabwe >>
16. Book Review: CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World by Gerhard Damm and Nicolás Franco >>
17. The New Face of African Indaba  >>

The issue in pdf format: 2014 March (Vol 12-2)
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1. Editorial: 21st Century Witch-Hunts (Author: Rolf Baldus) >>
2. Hunters United Against Wildlife Crime (Author: CIC) >>
3. African Elephant and the Summits (Author: Ali Kaka) >>
4. Madiba: Conservationist and Hunter … and a Bit of History (Author: Jeremy Anderson and Gerhard Damm) >>
5. Zimbabwe: Save Valley Conservancy to Be Indigenized? (Author: Gerhard Damm) >>
6. Safari Hunting in Africa and Public Opinion in Germany (Author: Hans Siege) >>
7. Angola: Giant Sable Update (Author: Perdo vaz Siege) >>
8. Background to Rhino Poaching (Author: WESSA) >>
9. Cherry-Picking ‘Grey Literature’ On Rhino Horn (Author: Ivo Vegter (The Daily Maverick)) >>
10. Rhinos: It’s Time For Plan B (Author: Colin Bell (The Daily Maverick))>>
11. Botswana’s Impending Wildlife Disaster (Kevin Roberston (Sports Afield)) >>
12. Rhino Conservation Isn’t Just About Rhinos (Author: Ben Carter (Dallas Safari Club)) >>
13. Does it Make Sense Then to Destroy Stockpiles of Ivory? (Author: Fari Sevenzo (BBC News)) >>
14. Kenya: Wildlife loved to Death (Author: Glen Martin (Huffington Post) >>
15. Kenya: Animal Welfare Groups up in Arms Against New Wildlife Law (Author: Rolf Baldus) >>
16. Zambia: Surveys and Investigations Leave Wildlife Authorities in a Pickle (Author:Barbara Crown (The Hunting Post)) >>
17. SCI: Fighting for Lions Campaign: One Year Later (Author: Safari Club International)>>
18. Lion Numbers Could Improve with New Sustainable Hunting Quotas (Author: Review of Scientific Paper) >>
19. Break the Link Between Terrorism Funding and Poaching (Author: Johan Bergenas and Monica Medina (The Washington post)) >>
20. CIC Celebrated First-Ever World Wildlife Day on 3rd March (Author: CIC) >>
21. News From and About Africa (Various Authors and Sources) >>
22. D. H. M. Cumming Reviews Glen Martin’s Book “Game Changer: Animal Rights and the Fate of Africa’s Wildlife” (Book Review) >>

The issue in pdf format: 2014 January (Vol 12-1)
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1.   A Global Partnership for Wildlife >>
2.   Elephant Summit Recognizes Sustainable Use of the Species >>
3.   Tanzania’s Elephants Going Fast: Interventions Needed >>.
4.   The Legal Ivory Market in China: part 2 >>
5.   UNEP, CITES and Others Applaud China’s Destruction of Ivory Stockpiles >>
6.   More Ivory: We Need Prosecutions, Not Publicity Stunts >>
7.   Can Rhinos Profit From Trophy Hunting? >>
8.   IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group Supports DSC Black Rhino Hunt Auction >>
9.   2014 Dallas Safari Club Convention & Black Rhino Auction >>
10.  Inaction Is the Worst Possible Strategy >>
11.  Raising Local Community Voices: CITES, Livelihoods and Sustainable Use >>
12.  Canned Lion Shooting Revisited >>
13.  Four illegal ivory buyers killed by poachers in Binga, Zimbabwe >>
14.  Countries agree to cooperate to end the illegal trapping of protected bird species in Egypt and Libya >>
15.  UNODC Develops Guidelines for Ivory Sampling to Combat Illegal Trade >>
16.  CITES Rhinoceros Enforcement Task Force >>
17.  Elephant savagely attacks vehicle in Kruger National Park >>
18.  Lions Approach Extinction in West Africa >>
19.  Mozambique: Ivory poaching in Mozambique >>
20.  Tswana Hunting: Continuities and Changes in the Transvaal and Kalahari after 1600 >>
21.  Status and Ecological Effects of the World’s Largest Carnivores >>
22.  350,000 Reasons to Kill a Black Rhino >>