A Socio-Economic Review Of Hunting In Africa
October 2014, Volume 12-5-I

SCI Foundation initiated a new study on the socio-economics of hunting in Africa. The report will collect numerical evidence of the benefits that sustainable hunting provides. The study is a follow-up to SCI’s 12th annual African Wildlife Consultative Forum, which took place last November in Zambia. Southwick Associates, a consulting company specializing in natural resource and environmental economics, will lead the data collection and reporting. Participants of African Wildlife Consultative Forum (AWCF), including representatives of government and the professional hunting industry, are helping compile information.

The Southwick Associates study will be submitted for peer review to ensure it meets the highest standard of professionalism.  This study is of particular importance, as some organizations question the impact and importance of hunting to conservation and local communities.  They often promote other non-consumptive options as a better alternative and make biased comparisons to hunting economics.

The study initiated by SCI Foundation will certainly contribute valuable data to the discussion.

Author: SCI Foundation