CIC Africa Ambassador Dr. Ali Kaka Meets Hon. Jean Kapata In Lusaka
October 2014, Volume 12-5-I

Last August the CIC Ambassador to Africa, Dr. Ali Kaka, met with the Hon Jean Kapata, Minister of Tourism and Arts (MOTA) and with the Deputy Minister the Hon. Lawrence Evans, and the Permanent Secretary Mr. Steven Mwansa as well as several high ranking personalities from the ministry and ZAWA.

Dr. Kaka informed the Zambian party on current international developments in the area of Sustainable use and Livelihoods and handed over key CIC literature on legal issues and best practices from around the world. Summaries of the literature will be circulated in Government. The information came at an opportune moment when ZAWA is developing the new wildlife policy. Dr. Kaka has been requested to provide his expert comments on the draft on behalf of CIC when completed by the consultants.

Vol12_5_I_art2Dr. Kaka’s dispositions and explanations – especially his critique regarding the restrictions on safari hunting still in place during the visit – helped the Honorable Minister in the private consultations with her Permanent Secretary Mr. Stephen Mwansa.

The next day Mr. Mwansa had a long final meeting with Zambian hunting groups, including PHAZ (Professional Hunters Association of Zambia), as the ending point of a long consultative process. A press conference was subsequently scheduled for August 21st. In the press conference, the journalists were addressed by the Honorable Minister, and the lifting of the suspension of safari hunting in 19 Game Management Areas (GMAs) was announced [Editor’s Note: Contrary to opportunistic anti-use propaganda, Zambia never banned safari hunting; legal hunting has been taking place on 8 GMAs and numerous private properties during January 2014 to August 2014. What anti-use activists called “hunting ban” was actually a moratorium on safari hunting in certain GMAs]. The Minister’s action is a strong signal that regulated safari hunting has a future in Zambia.

Following the appeal and request of the Hon. Minister and the Permanent Secretary to assist Government and ZAWA in the conservation of the wildlife and its habitat in Zambia, the CIC International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation, through Dr. Kaka and other internationally recognized CIC experts, will provide broad assistance relating to the establishment of sustainable and responsible hunting practices within a comprehensive legal framework.

Dr. Kaka reiterated that Zambia’s pride of having arguably some of the richest bio-diversity on the African continent deserves the co-operation and assistance of all hunter-conservationists; the CIC with its institutional and advocacy resources, and in cooperation with the Ministry and ZAWA, plans a series of follow-up visits in the near future.

Author: Gerhard Damm