Kidnapped In Mozambique: In The Clutches Of Rhino Poachers
April 2015, Volume 13-2

Bartholomäus Grill, Africa-Correspondent for the German news magazine Der Spiegel and Swedish photographer Toby Selander traveled to Mozambique to report about the region’s destructive and illegal trade in rhinoceros horns. The two journalists were taken captive by poachers, and found themselves staring death in the face. Their haunting story is a MUST READ for African Indaba subscribers.

Just a short time ago, I was taken hostage in a small Mozambique village. Now I’m speeding through the bush in a pick-up truck driven by the boss of a criminal gang, his underlings hooting and hollering in the back. They are going to “finish” me, they had told me earlier, and I am convinced that they will stop at the next clearing and beat me to death like a dog. For the first time in my almost 30 years as a correspondent in Africa, I am afraid for my life.

I had arrived in Mozambique with Swedish photographer Toby Selander a few days earlier to report on rhinoceros poaching and the illegal rhinoceros-horn trade. We were hoping to follow the supply chain from the slaughter of the rhinos in South Africa through middlemen in Mozambique to the horns’ ultimate buyers in Vietnam …

Author: Bartholomäus Grill, Spiegel Online

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