A Selection Of Reading Material On Lions And Trophy Hunting
September 2015, Volume 13-4

Lion hunt quotas could be good for animals but bad for humans The Conversation, South Africa

Another View: Responsible hunting helps save lions Sacramento Bee, USA

In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions The New York Times, USA

Cecil the Lion: Lessons in misplaced outrage The Daily Maverick, South Africa

Dishonest environmental campaigns will harm lions The Daily Maverick, South Africa

Lionizing Cecil Makes Us Feel Good, But a Trophy Hunting Ban Will Accelerate Slaughter California Magazine, USA

Trophy hunting tough to define GreenBayPressGazette, USA

RIP Cecil the lion – what will be his legacy? And who should decide? IIED, United Kingdom

The necessity of hunting The Washington Post, USA

On the Conservation of Trolls Conservation for the 21st Century, United Kingdom

Hunter Defends Big Game Hunting Boston NPR News Station, USA



How the ban on lion hunting killed the lions featuring Mikkel Legarth of Modisa Wildlife Project Botswana