Cecil-Mania: Setting The Record Straight
September 2015, Volume 13-4

The death of Cecil the lion has been international news for weeks. Most of the ‘facts’ have been misrepresentations and hyperbole. This is not good for the image of hunting. The media’s naive and uncommon fascination with the story has not helped, and constant re-reporting has allowed the misinformation to spread unchecked. The habitat, revenue, anti-poaching, and community incentives tourist hunting provides should not be ignored. To that end, in this bulletin we debunk some myths and misinformation about hunting which have been consistently repeated during the “Cecil mania.” The good news is that we have the facts on our side. As a community, we need to correct false impressions and widely share these critical facts. Read more HERE

Source: Special Report – Conservation Bulletin September 2015
by Conservation Force Staff Attorney Regina Lennox