Shane Mahoney On Cecil The Lion And Trophy Hunting
September 2015, Volume 13-4

There’s been a great deal of discussion regarding the Cecil the Lion. What has often been lacking is a balanced approach and more complete treatment of the related issue of trophy hunting. In response, Conservation Visions Inc. has produced a 16 minute film that features wildlife biologist, conservationist, and CEO of Conservation Visions Inc., Shane Mahoney. Shane reviews the issue, presents the facts as they are known, and provides excellent commentary on the realities of ecosystem and wildlife management, and evidence in support of legal and regulated hunting as a tool for conservation. We believe this is a valuable contribution to the larger, ongoing debate that has stemmed from what has become an international incident and social media tsunami. It was designed to hopefully engender further meaningful discussion amongst the hunting community and the general public.

An MP4 download is available here

We encourage you to circulate this short film to your own contacts and throughout your own circles. Rather than being divisive and alarmist, the film identifies the Cecil phenomenon as an opportunity for all people to realize the challenges facing wildlife conservation and the role that hunting can and does play in supporting those. We also ask that you share this video through your social media, and we would encourage you to post it to your website, if you deem that appropriate. Feedback is welcome. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Conservation Visions should you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

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