33rd Congress International Union Of Game Biologists IUGB And 14th Perdix Congress
April 2017, Volume 15-2

Be they direct or indirect, over the short or the long term, the effects of human activities on wildlife are often difficult to assess. Once the effects of human activities are properly evaluated, one can adapt management practices to better take them into account in order to better fulfill wildlife management objectives.

The IUGB 2017 Congress will present works at the cutting edge of science tackling topics related to agriculture, forestry, hunting, tourism, urbanization, economic development, ecosystem evolutions, climate change, and their relationships with wildlife. Practical tools, field methods, statistics, as well as conceptual breakthroughs will be shared. In addition to the results of each study or experience, the Congress will also build on their conclusions to try highlighting the most appropriate management fallouts for local conditions and objectives.

Make a note in your 2017 calendar – the 33rd Congress of the International Union Of Game Biologists IUGB and 14th Perdix Congress will take place In Montpellier/France from August 22 to 25, 2017. For more information on IUGB 2017 please contact: Murielle Guinot-Ghestem or Sophie Verzelloni at iugb2017@gmail.com or check http://iugb2017.com/