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African Indaba: A Key Communication Element for Africa

Communications between hunters and non-hunters on African conservation and hunting issues are mainly opportunistic and to a large extent reactive.  Outcomes from consultancies, case studies or projects and workshops influence and/or alter hunting/conservation relationships and decision making. The distinct lack of organized information distribution disseminating the hunters’ perspective to a wider audience and the hunters’ lack of knowledge of what is happening on the conservation front is seen as serious impediment to stakeholder cooperation.

Hunters need to address emerging conservation/hunting challenges expeditiously. Communication and dialogue with individuals, organizations, universities, and media outside the hunting circles is as important as communicating hard facts, problems and solutions to the worldwide hunting community. African Indaba has therefore identified target audiences on individual, organizational and government level and created a still growing database, presently with over 16,000 addresses from about 130 countries. Gerhard Damm started African Indaba started in January 2003. In 2011, the CIC International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation elevated the e-Newsletter to the official CIC organ on African hunting and conservation. At the same time an editorial team was established with Rolf Baldus (Germany), Vernon Booth (Zimbabwe), Gerhard Damm (South Africa) and Ali Kaka (Kenya); the team retains journalistic independence.

African Indaba has a record to provide information for hunting and non-hunting audiences. African Indaba articulates problems, identifies linkages and emerging issues, spells out key messages, assists in establishing new partnerships, and promotes lessons learned from cutting edge conservation and hunting challenges.

The e-Newsletter is a platform to share information, report and discuss strategies and projects between national government authorities, leaders from local African and international NGOs, researchers in the field, individual hunters and international hunting organizations. It is serves as cost-effective tool to build useful stakeholders’ networks and promote joint action in important issues.

African Indaba has these objectives:

  • summarize and distribute hunting and conservation related information in a transparent manner
  • raise the public profile of African Safari Hunting
  • foster dialogue with non-hunting conservation practitioners
  • promote conservation partnerships
  • promote an understanding for the linkages between incentive-based-conservation, hunting and poverty relief for rural people
  • sensitize non-hunting conservation organizations for the conservation relevance of regulated hunting in Africa
  • sensitize hunters for the challenges of African biodiversity conservation and the situation of rural Africans.

The e-Newsletter “for hunter-conservationists and all people who are interested in the conservation, management and sustainable use of Africa’s wild resources” is now in its 12th year of publication.  African Indaba is distributed free-of-charge world-wide, 6 times a year, by email, e-messaging and the web.