African Indaba Editorial Board

African Indaba was conceived in 2003 by Gerhard Damm, the current President of the CIC Division Applied Science. Since 2012, African Indaba is the official CIC Newsletter on African wildlife and conservation.

The publication, free electronic dissemination and global distribution is funded by the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation  (CIC Headquarters, H-2092 Budakeszi, P.O. Box 82, Hungary. Email: It is distributed to over 17,000 addresses in more than 130 different countries, including, but not restricted to: hunters, wildlife researchers, students, members of conservation NGOs, and government agencies.

Publisher: Gerhard R. Damm
Postal Address: PO Box 411, Rivonia 2128, South Africa, Phone: +27-(0)11-883-2299, Fax: +27-(0)11- 784-2074. Email:

Gerhard R. Damm (South Africa)
Ali Kaka (Kenya)

Field Editor:
Marco Pani (Italy)