African Indaba Publisher & Editors

Publisher & Editor: Gerhard R. Damm
Postal Address: PO Box 411, Rivonia 2128, South Africa, Phone: +27-(0)11-883-2299

Field Editor: Marco Pani (Italy)

Webmaster: Aliz Ertler

In 2003, Gerhard Damm, the former President of the CIC Division Applied Science (2011-2017), conceived, founded and published African Indaba, initially as the SCI African Chapter Newsletter. In 2004 he decided to service a wider circle of  hunters and conservationists. Consequently African Indaba became independent and grew in stature and content. In 2011 the CIC adopted African Indaba as official CIC newsletter on African matters. Gerhard Damm retains editorial independence.

Apart from his CIC membership, Gerhard Damm is a member of  the Bavarian Hunting Association for more than 40 years, KwaZulu Natal Hunting & Conservation Association, Life Member of the Boone & Crockett Club, Wild Sheep Foundation and Dallas Safari Club, as well as a second term member of the IUCN Sustainable Use & Livelihoods Specialist Group (IUCN-SULi) and the IUCN Caprinae Specialist Group (IUCN-CSG).  He is also the principal author (with Dr. Nicolas Franco as co-author) of the CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World, a major two volume, 1000+ pages set on the World’ wild sheep, wild goats and their relatives. If you want to know more about the CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World please contact Gerhard Damm at or access Gerhard Damm’s pages at LinkedIn or ResearchGate.

After resigning from his CIC positions in 2017, Gerhard Damm presently works on developing  concepts for hunting certification in different parts of the world and on a new book on markhor (Capra falconeri), apart from providing you every second month with world-class information in African Indaba.

The publication and free electronic dissemination of African Indaba is funded by the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation  (CIC Headquarters, H-2092 Budakeszi, P.O. Box 82, Hungary, email: