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The latest issue can be downloaded in pdf format: April 2017, Volume 15-2

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  1. People Don’t Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care! >>
  2. The Baby And The Bathwater – Trophy Hunting, Conservation And Rural Livelihoods >>
  3. Culling To Conserve: A Hard Truth For Lion Conservation >>
  4. Why Men Trophy Hunt >>
  5. House Of Commons Library Provides Fake News – MPs Misinformed On Trophy Hunting >>
  6. Prides, Protection And Parks: Africa’s Protected Areas Can Support Four Times As Many Lions >>
  7. Encore: Canned Lion Breeding And Shooting >>
  8. The Color Game Is Over >>
  9. Defining Fair Chase Behind A High Fence >>
  10. Boone And Crockett Club On Trophies >>
  11. Giraffes: The Silent Extinction Of Africa’s Gentle Giants >>
  12. Africa’s Other Elephant Is Fading Fast >>
  13. What’s The Environmental Impact Of Your Toast? >>
  14. News From And About Africa >>
  15. Interesting Articles For African Indaba Readers >>
  16. Wyss Foundation Commits $65M to African Parks >>
  17. New FACE Secretary General >>
  18. 33rd Congress International Union Of Game Biologists IUGB And 14th Perdix Congress >>
  19. Ben Carter Stepping Down As DSC Executive Director >>
  20. Book Review: Terrestrial Gamebirds & Snipes of Africa >>

+1.     The important link between hunting & tourism in Namibia both working for conservation  >>